Notice! Transglobal Cargo Centre Ltd does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or pre-employment medical screening or any other fees).
Accounting (Not Available)
Aircraft Operations Agents (Not Available)
Aircraft Weight and Balance (Not Available)
Building Maintenance (Not Available)
Cargo Loaders (Not Available)
Cleaners (Not Available)
Customer Service Agents (Not Available)
Data Capture Agents (Not Available)
Drivers (fork lifts) (Not Available)
Drivers (tractors,vans) (Not Available)
Electric Transfer Vehicle(ETV) Operators (Not Available)
IT (Not Available)
Pallet/ULD build-up agents/Supervisors (Not Available)
Ramp Equipment Operators (Not Available)
Ramp Handling (Not Available)
Security (Not Available)
Technical Maintenance (Not Available)

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